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June 9, 2012


“The Unchanging Word in an Ever Changing World”


PO BOX 398, Dallas, Oregon 97338,   1-877-623-8700


Board of Directors

Francis Davey, President

Susan Dirks, Sec. Treas.

Angela Dailey, Director

Ed Dailey, Director

John Doan, Director

Rex Eckert, Director

Ernie Ediger, Director

Gloria Ediger, Director

Alice Morris, Director

Burton Pope, Director

John E. Wall, Director

 Listen to Unchanging Word on……………………

Radio Stations

KKPZ 1330 AM Thurs 6:00 pm

Portland, Oregon


KIAM 630 AM Sun 10:30 am

State of Alaska


KYAF 94.7 FM Sun 8:30 am

Firebaugh, California


KYKN 1430 AM M-F 12:00 am

Sun. 6:30 am

Salem, Oregon


KAJC 90.1 FM M-F 5:30 am

Independence, Oregon


KDPT 102.9 FM Sun 8:30 am

Dos Palos, California


KKJC 93.5 FM M-F 10:00 am

McMinnville, Oregon


KSPO 106.5 FM 11:00 am

Spokane WA & Coeur d’Alene, ID


KTBI 810 AM 11:00 am

Central Washington State


KYAK 930 AM 11:00 am

Yakima Washington


KGDN 101.3 FM 11:00 am

Tri-Cities, Walla Walla, WA

& NE Oregon


May 11, 2012

 We have had more phone calls for help since our last letter.

 One call came from XX who had a lot of nausea and pain. When I answered the call, the voice, in desperation with tears, was asking that we pray for a miracle. I called a prayer warrior with this request.

 By the way, there may be a few of you that are wondering how you might be a part of a ministry. We at The Unchanging Word need more prayer warriors. We can never have too many. If God lays it on your heart to minister in this way, please call or write. Again I say that we NEED more to come forward and say that they are willing to serve our LORD in this way.

We have received a request from a man in prison and he would like to be in a listening area for The Unchanging Word. I am doing some ground work so that the Board will have something to consider. There is a radio station near the prison and the station might have a time slot at little or no cost. Pray with us that God will work out the details and then the board can decide the direction we should take.

 Gloria received a phone call from a lady that seemed to want to harass someone from The Unchanging Word. She wanted to talk to Dr. Mitchell. When Gloria explained that he had gone home to be with the LORD, she appeared to be upset and informed Gloria that it is illegal to broadcast someone that is dead. She seemed to only want to harass us here at The Unchanging Word.

 Pray for this lady. Nothing is too difficult for God. Perhaps He will give her opportunity to meet Him in a wonderful way. I am more concerned about people that don’t seem to care. Those that get upset usually are more reachable than those that just don’t have any concern at all.

 I received a call from a listener that had attended Multnomah. He is a rapper. He is 72 years old and sent me the following ditty. You have to memorize it and read it very fast to get the rapper capability

 If (you) we’ve got a catch…

in our get up and go…

We have to let ourselves know…

Or it will begin to show,.,

Cause after while we’ll lose our smile

And when we frown

Our (Lord’s) business will be down.

If we begin to slouch

And become an old (young) grouch…

We go to the couch…

But we don’t stay down for the count…

We quickly arise and mount…

Cause we only win…

When we begin to grin!

We take out the whine

And put back the shine

On bended knee

We begin to see

An open Bible and prayer

In the air

We get up from our chair.

And God’s business is strong

Helping the fears to be gone!

            Terry Jones, Spokane, Washington (used by permission)


From this I am reminded that we are never too old to be about fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives. You that are getting older, don’t quit. Dr. Mitchell was 97 and doing well until just a few short weeks before going home.


Now about the rapper. I have never had a phone conversation with someone that could talk in rhyme. I was blessed by our conversation. I believe God gave him the ability and wants him to use it to glorify our LORD.


The programs continue and now we have improved music provided by The Salem Singers. We thank them for the extra time and effort in making the program better.


Enclosed also is a list of how to hear The Unchanging Word on the internet. It comes courtesy of Kieth Moritz. Thank you Kieth.


Enjoy…God’s love for you; God’s provision for you; and most of all, Christ’s sacrifice for you.


Because of God’s love,


Ernie/Gloria Ediger and President Fran Davey


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