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March Newsletter

March 26, 2012

“The Unchanging Word in an Ever Changing World”
PO BOX 398, Dallas, Oregon 97338, 1-877-623-8700

Board of Directors
Francis Davey, President
Susan Dirks, Sec. Treas.
Angela Dailey, Director
Ed Dailey, Director
John Doan, Director
Rex Eckert, Director
Ernie Ediger, Director
Gloria Ediger, Director
Alice Morris, Director
Burton Pope, Director
John E. Wall, Director

Radio Stations
KKPZ 1330 AM Thurs 6:00 pm
Portland, Oregon

KIAM 630 AM Sun 10:30 am
State of Alaska

KYAF 94.7 FM Sun 8:30 am
Firebaugh, California

KYKN 1430 AM M-F 12:00 am
Sun. 6:30 am
Salem, Oregon

KAJC 90.1 FM M-F 5:30 am
Independence, Oregon

KDPT 102.9 FM Sun 8:30 am
Dos Palos, California

KKJC 93.5 FM M-F 10:00 am
McMinnville, Oregon

KSPO 106.5 FM 11:00 am
Spokane WA & Coeur d’Alene, ID

KTBI 810 AM 11:00 am
Central Washington State

KYAK 930 AM 11:00 am
Yakima Washington

KGDN 101.3 FM 11:00 am
Tri-Cities, Walla Walla, WA
& NE Oregon

March 8, 2012

We share once again, that God has been faithful in the ministry of The Unchanging Word. As mentioned in past letters, we are now on eleven stations, three of which are secular and are reaching a number of non-churched listeners.

A few weeks ago we began broadcasting on the American Christian Network which is based in Spokane, Washington. Initially we were on twice a week and it took only five or six weeks before people were calling the network asking why Dr. Mitchell wasn’t on more often. The owners asked if we would increase our programming to Monday through Friday broadcasts. The board agreed and we are now on four of their stations at 11:00am each morning, Monday through Friday.

We have had more letters and notes from these four stations in the past few months than we have received from all the other stations put together. Is God working? I must give an astounding YES. Are we where we should be? I believe we are.

Letter and phone calls include those from addicts that are asking God to remove their addictions. They include comments like “It is wonderful to hear truth!” They include calls from individuals with health problems like MS, who are requesting prayer for their healing.

What I am about to say may be the most important part of this letter. I would suggest you read this paragraph ten times and then see how God can use you in helping as you pray.

We have 180+ on our mailing list. If each of you would pray for those who are listening to The Unchanging Word, and have special needs, I believe we might see answered prayer for a very needy people. God knows what the need is of each person. Pray that “God will fulfill His purpose as He helps each individual.

Remember Hezekiah? He took a scroll with prayer requests and laid them out before the Lord. I ask that you, please pray for the needs of these people even though you don’t know specifically what those needs are. GOD KNOWS. You might even want to lay this letter before the Lord and ask Him to accomplish His will in the lives of all that have called or written with specific requests.

Now another matter that is on my heart. The ACN (American Christian Network) said that they will review our charges for this broadcast time, in June. I suspect that they will want to raise the radio time costs rather significantly because we are on a very low rate for the time and audience that they are giving us. We will then need to make decisions as to whether God wants us to stay on these stations. God answers prayer often by supplying or withholding funds. It is all in His hands. Pray that we will be wise and receptive to God’s Will in these matters.

Now another thought. In order to bring the daily broadcasts to a common level, that is, that all daily broadcasts are on the same lesson, we are broadcasting a short study by Dr. Mitchell on the Walk of Faith. This is on all daily broadcast stations other than CAN. It is made up of 15 lessons on five audio CDs. I don’t know about anyone else, but it has been a tremendous blessing to me. If deals a lot with the life of Abraham. He was told to go and he went willingly.

Abraham is also referred to as a friend of God. Dr. Mitchell asks his listeners, if they are believers in Christ, “Is God your friend?” What a wonderful thought, and an important thought for those living and walking with Christ.

As Dr. Mitchell usually does, he outlines the different kinds of faith.

Following are a list of eight items referring to faith.
The fervency of faith
The sufficiency of faith
The humility of faith
The courage and dignity of faith
The reward of faith
The patience of faith
The sample of faith
The energy of faith

This series is extremely rich. I would encourage you to get this series for yourself, or for your church’s library. If you are interested, call us at 1-877-623-8700 or write us at The Unchanging Word, PO Box 398, Dallas, Oregon, 97338.

Now be sure and call or write. We would be happy to take your prayer requests, thoughts, or suggestions.

Because of God’s great love,

Ernie/Gloria Ediger and Fran Davey, President


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